Bringing home an addition to any family can be a wonderful and exciting experience for everyone. When adopting please remember each animal has their own energy levels, personalities and level of daily care. We want to insure the health and safety for all. Please keep in mind all of your family's needs including other pets before choosing your new family member.
* Please fill out an application form
* We should contact you within 24 hours of receiving your adoption application
      -Please note, when we receive multiple applications on one animal/bonded animals
       we will go thru all applications and set up home visits accordingly. You should still be
       contacted with the status of your application and your inquired pet
      -If you are not contacted please feel free to contact us in case of technical issues
* We will make an appointment to do a home visit and a meet with the adoptable and your family including your other pets
* Once approved, usually within 24 hours of the home visit, we will set up a time and place for your new family member to join their forever home
* We can not hold animals under any circumstance, all home visits will be set up within 5 days so every animal gets the best chance to be placed in an appropriate home as quickly as possible
* Please note, to insure every animal is placed in the best home we must follow all steps in our adoption process. We do not allow on the spot adoptions during adoption events, fundraisers etc.
* All adoptions include age appropriate vaccinations, any medical records, spay/neuter and a microchip
* We request adoption donations to help cover medical, behavioral, and daily care to name a few.

- Puppies 2 years and under $325, Dogs over 2 years $220
- Kittens 2 years and younger $140, Cats over 2 years $90
- Please note some cases may be on an individual basis

Bonded Fur-Babies
Every adoption is made with the animals best interest at heart. Staying together is so important for the well being and health of boned animals. Our bonded fur-babies will patiently wait for the right family to be together forever!